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One of the Algarve´s main fishing ports, Olhão (read as "olhaun") has square whitewashed houses with flat roof terraces and chimneys that are evocative of Moorish architecture. Behind the parish church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, from the 17th century, the chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos is where the wives of fishermen gather to pray for their safety when the weather is stormy. But the town´s main attraction is its market, one of the most animated and picturesque of the Algarve, with an enormous variety of seafood but also local farmers selling such products as fruit, honey and live chickens. Nearby, the village of Fuzeta is like Olhão on a small scale and is well appreciated by windsurfers.
Fuzeta - PortugalFuzeta - PortugalFuzeta - Portugal