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Hafencity Hamburg - A new neighborhood designed for rich people. While there, try to get a glimpse of the under-construction opera house which costs over 500 millions of euros. It was planned to be the city’s icon and rival the Sydney Opera. But first it needs to get finished. Let see what the future brings.
Cinnamon Tower - Hafencity, HamburgCoffee Plaza, Hafencity, HamburgColumbus Haus, Hafencity, HamburgDeichtorhallen - HamburgDeutsches ZollmuseumElbphilharmonie, Hafencity, HamburgFerris Wheel in Hafencity, HamburgFerris Wheel in Hafencity, Hamburg View PointHafencity Metro, HamburgHafenCity University, HamburgHafencity, HamburgHamburg Cruise Center, HafenCityHamburg Dungeon, Hafencity, HamburgHighFlyer Balloon, HamburgHistoric Warehouse District, Hafencity, HamburgInternational Maritime Museum, HamburgKesselhaus, HafenCity, HamburgMagellan Terraces, Hafencity, HamburgMarco Polo Terraces, Hafencity, HamburgMarco Polo Tower, Hafencity, HamburgMiniatur Wunderland, Hafencity, HamburgPrototyp Car Museum, HamburgSpeicherstadt, Wandrahmfleet Canal, Hafencity, HamburgSpeicherstadtmuseum, HamburgSpeicherstadtrathausSpiegel Building, Hafencity, HamburgTürmchenhaus Hafencity HamburgUnilever Headquarter Building, Hafencity, HamburgVasco-da-Gama-Platz, Hafencity, HamburgViewpoint in Hafencity, Hamburg