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The town of Olhão is essentially and historically linked to the local fishing industry and only grew into existence as a significant location in the 17th Century. It has about 30,000 inhabitants and was raised to the status of a town as a result of their actions in 1808. On the 16th of June when they revolted against the French occupying army. Then 17 local fishermen successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean without charts in their small fishing boat “Bom Sucesso”. The vessel was 18 metres in length and had two sails and the journey took two and half months. Their successful purpose was to announce to the exiled Prince regent, Dom Pedro, that the French invading armies had been defeated in the Algarve and had retreated northwards leaving the Algarve free for their him to return to Portugal. After his return in November of the same year the village was raised to the status of a town in reward for the valiant trip taken by the fishermen. It was in this town in 1882 that the first canning factory for tuna and sardines was established. Very soon canning factories spread along the coast and it was to become the leading industry for many years in the Algarve.
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