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The Speicherstadt Museum documents the history of the construction and use of historical Speicherstadt in Hamburg. It is located in the room - same floor - the memory block L from 1888, which was designed by the Hamburg architect George Thielen in the style of Gothic Revival ( Hanoverian school of architecture ) was built and where used by Speicherstadtmuseum part still on the original riveted skeleton structure of wrought iron features. The museum is conveniently located on Sandtorkai 36 in the vicinity of the port city, the model railway location Miniatur Wunderland , the Hamburg Dungeon and the Spice Museum and is best on the metro line 3 (station Baumwall) accessible.
Speicherstadtmuseum, HamburgSpeicherstadtmuseum, HamburgSpeicherstadtmuseum, HamburgSpeicherstadtmuseum, Hamburg