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Alsterfontäne, Hamburg

Alsterfontane, (Alster Fountain) Hamburg.
The idea for the average of 60 meters high fountain had Carlheinz Hollmann, when he made ​​an airplane the fountain on the 1986 Lake Geneva (the Jet d'eau saw).

The Jet d'Eau on Lake Geneva, which served as a template the Alster fountain, located in the city of Geneva in Hamburg's Alster very similar urban scenery and is also considered a landmark of the city.

The Jet d'Eau was founded in 1885 and is 140 meters more than twice as high as the Alsterfontane.

Hollmann imagined such a fountain as well as the Hamburg Alster would beautify and suggested that the incidence senator Eugene Wagner ago, the Chief Planning him Egbert Kossak referred.

In the planning authority before the big city model of Hamburg, he explained his idea and convinced the pipe smoking senator ultimately with a bent pipe cleaner as a model of the fountain.

The height is limited by the windy weather in Hamburg.
Alsterfontäne, Hamburg